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Little Luxe Classics For Every Woman

Adore Alma is an aesthetic accessories boutique based in Vancouver. We celebrate the true essence and wellbeing of a women. 

Designed to last and wear every day, our luxurious accessories are made for every woman to feel elegant and comfortable.

Inspired by timeless classics, feminine silhouettes, and elegant aesthetics, we are committed to bringing together exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated premium fibers, and perfect fit, that go beyond trends and come without high markups. 

Our purpose is to build a valuable and inspiring conscious luxury accessories boutique for women who want to invest in themselves and world around them.

Showcase your personality by wearing luxurious premium fibers, wonderful colors, and timeless styles.

Our Commitment


We believe that quality is essential to elegance. Sourcing the finest and softest fibers is just the first step. We are committed to creating beautiful accessories by bringing together perfect fit, superior craftsmanship, timeless styles with just the right fibers.


Honesty and ecology starts with our thoughts and being truthful to ourselves. First, we learn to take care of our physical and mental health. And then comes a healthy relationship with the world. One of our most cherished values is that we choose lifestyle over trends. We are not interested in "what's good for sale". We are dedicated to create loyal, conscious and inspiring products that will never change their value.


We value the true qualities of a prosperous woman. And we believe that fulfilled women bring harmony to the world. We want to invest in the well-being of women with an inclusive online platform where the inspiration for conscious living and personal growth is shared with women who want to invest in themselves and the world around them.

About Our Accessories

Timeless Styles

We create classic pieces that go beyond trends and never lose their allure. Pieces that will be treasured forever.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

We are passionate about the creative process of the brand. Enormous time and care go into every piece we make and curate. To us, the design and production process is just as important as the final product. Being involved in each piece we make from concept to completion allows us to monitor the quality of each garment. By using quality techniques and working with industry experts, we create exquisite accessories.

Premium Luxurious Fibers

Adore Alma accessories are made of the finest and softest fibers. We love to use natural yarns in exclusive mixes for you to experience extraordinary luxury. Materials range from luxe alpaca silk and cashmere to breathable lambswool and pure merino wool.

Meet Kristina

For founder Kristina Dombrovskis, life is at its most beautiful when you are true to yourself and the people around you.

"I believe that fashion brands should inspire women to express their true essence and individuality, and that style is something that is built over time and is never fixed. My purpose is to build a valuable, conscious and inspiring lifestyle brand for women that will stay loyal and inspiring to its community, and will never change its values."

We wish you to blossom into the best version of your beautiful self and become comfortable in all aspects of your being because we believe that fulfilled women bring harmony to the world.

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